Saturday, July 19, 2008

My "hot" date

It's Saturday night and I'm sitting at home setting up my brand-new blog! (Thanks again, Kristi, for helping me take "the plunge".) Lying on the couch is my sometimes-sweet 4 year-old, Kelsey. Last time I checked, her temperature was about 104 degrees. Now that's what I call I hot date. So of course she got some more Tylenol, and she's finally fallen asleep again. Ironically, today of all days was our last family picture with the Ervin side for quite some time. We're moving in a couple weeks, and who knows when the stars will align correctly so that we'll just happen to be in town visiting when the Fire Department calls to see if Vicki would like to donate $ for a free 8 x 10 family portrait? But of course, for those of you who have actually made the donation and gotten the picture, it's not free, is it? The photographer takes other poses that are usually just too good not to buy, unless you're broke or have tremendous willpower. Or, like last time, I just hated the way I looked in the picture and had no problems passing it up. But I digress... the irony is that poor Kelsey had to show up to take the picture with those terrible sunken bags under her eyes that kids get when they are feverish. And to top it all off, she also has a scratch on her face from rough housing with a boy! Oh well, at least it will be a picture with a memory.

The next big thing on my to-do list is to pack up my entire house and move in 2 1/2 weeks! My family and friends have already begun dropping off boxes for my cause. But the hero of them all is my sister, Gwen, who went dumpster-diving for me today and brought by ALL of these boxes! The bigger mystery is how she got them all in her teeny tiny Scion. When Gwen and Olivia got home, Olivia walked in an announced that I wouldn't have to get any more boxes, because Aunt Gwen got enough for us to pack up the entire house! (We have a 3-bedroom house and are a family of five.) If all we had would fit into these boxes, I'd be packed in 2 days. It'd be nice, but it ain't gonna happen. However, these boxes should keep me busy for a few days at least.

Can you hear me now?

Thank you, Kristi, for introducing me to the bloggerverse...