Friday, April 29, 2016

Preview for Old Man's Cave

One of the things I have been looking forward to the most was taking Dorothy and her family to visit Old Man's Cave in the Hocking Hills area. Figuring we could drive 2 cars and I could drive back early instead of going on a lengthy hike, we decided to make the trip down this past Wednesday despite the fact I was still sick. I just downed some ibuprofen and prayed for stamina. It was worth it.

Maddox is such a poser. He's so adorable, and he knows it!

I loved looking up at the bridges from down in the gorge.

Lots of fun overhanging rocks!

K-Lynn and Gwennie taking a quick rest on a boulder with a view.

Unfortunately, this is really just a preview of The Old Man's Cave for me. I never saw the actual "Old Man's Cave" (assuming there is one) and never actually got to hike the trails, but my mom and I did take a small introductory tour to whet my appetite for our next visit.

It can't come soon enough!

They Make Me Happy

We had a great visit this past week from Dorothy's family and my mom. Unfortunately, I came down sick on Monday and I spent a good chunk of their visit sleeping on the couch. On the bright side, Dorothy took Maddox out for some fun on Tuesday while my mom stayed with me. She helped with laundry, did the shopping, and got me flowers.

And every day they make me smile.

Thanks, Mom!!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Maddox in the Morning

Maddox has always been a super early riser. After months of suffering through 5 or 5:30 a.m. wakeups, we finally put a digital clock in the boys' room and told them they weren't allowed to get up until a specific time (depending on the day). I came across the clock unpacking boxes today, and had this conversation with Maddox.

Me: C'mon, Maddox, let's go put the clock up in your room.

Maddox: No, I don't need it.

Me: You don't?

Maddox: No, I can wake up whenever I want to now.