Friday, August 29, 2008

Our New Digs & New pics of Connor

These are pictures of our new place. The picture on the left is a view from the road. Our duplex is the one on the left. The guy who lives on the right is a drummer. At least he is a very considerate drummer that only plays during the days a couple days a week. And the music he plays along with is generally classic rock, so we like the music. The upstairs window facing the road is the girls' room. When we are finished decorating and unpacking indoors, we'll post those pictures, too. You can also see we have a one-car garage. The garage door generally takes at least 2 people to open, so it's not likely we'll be parking there any time soon, but it makes GREAT storage! The picture on the left is our small backyard. No one in this part of town lives on more than a quarter-acre, so everyone has a privacy fence. We need to get a push-mower for it though, so it's kind of grown over.

I also had fund taking some shots of Connor the other day. I love these three the most because they are so expressive: laughing, concerned, and stuck up. He's growing so fast!


Amy said...

Anita, he is SO CUTE!!! Great pics!

scchesleys said...

He's growing so fast!!! He's just so darn cute!