Friday, September 12, 2008

Saturday Smiles

Last Saturday we went to the Edmond library. Because it was such a nice day (it was a fluke, but it felt like early October in SC) and it's only a mile away, Ben and I decided to walk and let the girls ride their bikes. It's sidewalk the whole way, so it's perfectly safe. The City of Edmond has decided to be known as a city of art, and has these bronze statues all over town. This statue of the man reading the paper is the one outside the library.

After we left the library we went for a picnic in the park, and on the way we saw this crazy squirrel missing most of his tail climbing up and down the side of a brick building! And I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but the squirrels here are red - not just plain gray like in SC!

Then we stopped at the 7Eleven for a couple 79-cent Big Gulps to have with our sandwiches (we forgot our water at home). There are 7Elevens all over the place here! And they all have these 79-cent Big Gulps. It cracks me up! Anyhow, while at the park Ben took this snazzy picture of the me, the girls, and the top of Connor's head. Is it obvious I need a haircut!?
Later on that night I was playing with Connor and he started smiling, so we had to share! (It looks a little yellow because of the lamp.) He's so funny because if he's in a good mood and you start smiling at him, he will just smile right back at you over and over again! He and I were going at it probably a good 5 minutes or so. Long enough that my cheeks hurt anyway! He's also at the age where he's starting to suck on his fist and get entranced with the little swing-set looking toy we have that dangles a few things within his reach. He can actually hit the toys with his hands and make noise, so it keeps him entertained for quite a long time. He's growing so fast! Last Wednesday he had a check up and he was 11 lbs 13 oz, and 23 3/8 inches. That's over 2 inches and 4 1/2 lbs in 2 months!

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scchesleys said...

Look at that grin!!! Kelsey looks somewhat scared about that "man" sitting next to her. Edmond looks like a great place to live.