Friday, December 24, 2010


Connor is just the cutest little two-year old around.  Don't believe me?  Then check out these little quirks that he has:

When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he asks for is "boots-meow".  That means Dora (boots) or Diego (meow).  And in case you're wondering where he came up with those names, Dora's sidekick is a monkey named Boots, and Diego's is Baby Jaguar, who looks like a cat.  And though he doesn't always get TV first thing in the morning, Boots and Meow are a great motivator for getting him dressed and breakfasted in the morning.

Connor came home from a play-date a couple of weeks ago with a toy hammer than he doesn't want to let go of.  In fact, he calls it his "knock knock".

When we put Connor to bed every night, he has started requesting we check under the bed for the "bad bugs" that he's convinced live there.

When Ben or I am fussing at the girls or the dog about something and Connor is in the room, he starts fussing at them right along with us.  (Don't worry, we tell him to stop it.)

Currently, Connor's favorite activity is to terrorize his older sisters by chasing them around with his "knock knock" and acting like he's going to hit them with it.  When he actually DOES hit them, he loses the hammer for a while and has to go to the corner.

Connor loves to shoot people with whatever objects he can find that remotely resembles a gun.  In fact, when he gets in trouble for hitting his sisters with his toys, he asks if he can shoot them with it.

Connor has started trying to repeat everything we say.  This was especially cute this morning when I called to Ben and Connor repeated me by calling out "ho-ney!"  We also like it when he says "reindeer".

Connor's favorite place to go is "Mimi's" house.  Who is "Mimi"?  That would be my friend and neighbor, Terri.  We have no idea where he came up with that name.

Connor loves to sing and likes to asks for songs by the following names: 
Round and Round  = The Wheels on the Bus
No-Man = Once There Was a Snowman
Rain Up = The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

Connor is very attached to his bed-time routines.  For nap every day, he gets to lay down with a cup and a book.  He needs them, and often his "knock knock" or gun, too.  At night, he gets a story from Daddy, a song from Mommy, and then Daddy takes him to tuck him in.  Lately when Mommy asks for a kiss goodnight, Connor gets a big kick out of tell her "no" so Mommy will pretend to cry while he walks off.

Connor loves his baby brother.  Whenever I lay Maddox down on a cushion or pillow, he comes over to lay down next to him, and loves to kiss him on the head or hand.

We're so glad we have such an adorable little guy to make our house more fun!


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you this all of this is so true!

Jack and Erika said...

Wow Connor is getting so big! I can't believe you are a mother of four now! And you make it look easy, Anita!! What hospitals are near where y'all live? We have been keeping our options completely open and he's just trying to get into an I.C.U. because he has to work there for at least a year before graduate school. So, basically school never ends :] Haha. Anyway, hope all is well and y'all had a Merry Christmas!! Love y'all!