Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Can you guess what extra gift I got for Mother's Day this year?

Well, yes, I did fly out to see my mom in California.  But that's not it.  I'll tell you about that later.

And yes, I did get breakfast in bed, cards from the kids, and handmade gifts (all of which I loved).  But that's not it, either.

I'll give you a hint: Connor gave me his extra gift on Saturday, and Kelsey gave me hers about 3am Sunday morning.

Yep.  It was sick kiddos.  We've had fevers, runny noses, and a lot of *cough cough* going on around here.  We thought we had it licked by Sunday night when fevers were going down.  Except for Kelsey's *cough cough* that she had all that night.  Then yesterday BOTH Connor and Kelsey gave me a *cough cough puke* present, though fortunately not at the same time.  And last night Kelsey still couldn't stop coughing.  She couldn't sleep and all I heard for hours was *cough cough*.

So around midnight I moved her out to the couch in a sitting position and after listening to her cough some more went to Walgreens to talk to the pharmacist about cough suppressants.  Since I'd already given her Delsym and her allergy medicine there was nothing else I could do except take her to the doctor to make sure she doesn't have bronchitis.  So I bought her some non-menthol cough drops and came home.  She was fast asleep (finally!) so I let her be.

Guess what's on our schedule this afternoon?  A doctor visit for Kelsey, Connor and possibly Maddox.  All are coughing, but only Kelsey and Connor have the fevers.  And no one is coughing as badly as Kelsey.  Her only relief comes in the form of hot, steamy showers.

I hope I don't get so many presents next year.  I'm sure they hope so, too.

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