Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Gift

Despite the wonderful cards, gifts and greetings I got from my friends and extended family to wish me a happy birthday yesterday, I have to admit I was having a little pity party for myself last night.  None of my kids had wished me happy birthday or made me a card or done anything to even acknowledge it was my birthday. Ben had to work late and got home a little before 8:00pm, and it was a typical chaotic evening at home. At dinner Kelsey dropped her dish of food and it shattered, Maddox smeared red sauce all over his hair, and I had to get Olivia out the door in time for church.  My feelings were hurt but I felt like I was being petty, so I didn't say anything to anyone about it until I talked to my sister Gwen when she and her husband called.  After I spent a few minutes sort-of-but-not-really griping, she tried to make me feel better and we got off the phone.

Late last night I got onto my email and saw she had sent me the Perfect Birthday Gift.  I loved it (and laughed) so much I thought I'd share it with you all.


Dear Anita,

I want to give you the PERFECT birthday-day. Forget the last 24 hours - that was a mirage.

This is how it really went:

You slept in and woke up to the smell of breakfast. You pretended to be asleep as your family gathered around you and sung you "awake" with Happy Birthday. You were given breakfast in bed, and you had three pairs of little hands clamoring to massage your feet while you ate. 

Later, your 130 lb. sister, Gwen, showed up to keep the kids while you went to get a REAL massage from someone named Demitri, who looked exactly the way he was supposed to.

Afterwards, Gwen treated you at your FAVORITE restaurant (after all, Olivia's really old enough to watch the kids herself). You were embarrassed, but secretly pleased, when the staff came out with your complimentary sundae and sang you Happy Birthday.

When you got home, you were surprised to see Ben's car sitting in the driveway. His boss had discovered it was your birthday, and let him leave early! And he didn't come home empty handed. He brought you a dozen roses, and something pink and skimpy (since men think that we really do want to have sex all the time - every woman's dream, right?). 

The kids asked you to join them in the pool, and when you went outside you were tickled to find that they'd blown up tons of balloons and thrown them in the pool, in celebration of your birthday.
When it was time to come inside, you opened the door to a loud "SURPRISE!!" Your house was full of guests! Even Becky had flown out for the party! (Demitri was there, too, but you didn't see him, as he was scheduled to jump out of the cake a little later on.) You cried with joy (and embarrassment - after all, you were still in your bathing suit and your hair was a mess) as everyone gathered around to sing you Happy Birthday, and wheel a HUGE cake over to you (we already know why it was so big).

After everyone left the house, Ben volunteered to put the kids to bed while you spent some time reading the rest of Gwen's book (she finished it for your birthday!). Later, you shut off the computer and headed to bed. As you came to your bedroom door, you blushed to see that skimpy pink thing hanging from your door knob. You could hear the hum of soft music coming from the other side of the door, and knew that Ben was waiting for "the after party."

At the end of your day, you lay in bed, thinking warmly over the events of the last 15 hours. It wasn't bad - probably the best birthday you ever had. Then you yawned and drifted off to sleep with a smile - thinking, "Maybe 36 won't be so bad after all."

The End.

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Amy said...

I think everybody needs a Gwen. That is absolutely fabulolus!!