Monday, June 24, 2013

Spider Wars

Olivia was in the bathroom tonight getting ready for bed.  Suddenly the door opened.  "Daddy!" came the hoarse whisper. "Bring me a shoe!" Obligingly, Ben took Olivia my sandal.

"Man, it got away," Olivia said a moment later. "It crawled under the vanity."

A few minutes later I tucked Olivia into bed and she confessed her concern. "Mom, I'm kind of freaked out because I don't know where it is." After assuring her that it wasn't coming into her room that night because she didn't have food or water, I left the room and put it out of my mind.

Thirty minutes later, Olivia had to get up to use the restroom again. She cautiously opened the door, reached in to turn on the light, and scoped out the room like a she was "clearing" it as part of a special forces team. Seeing that the coast was clear, she went in and closed the door.

A few minutes  later, we heard a SMACK! and a "Ha!"

I think it's safe to assume the spider is dead now.

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