Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sock Wars

Ben is highly entertained by my obsession with matching the boys' socks. I admit that I take it a little too personally when I do the laundry and end up with three or four matched pairs of the little devils and a slew of mismatched ones left over. 

The reason for this tragedy has something to do with the way the boys treat their footwear. It isn't just that they take off their socks and shoes all over the house. It's that socks left on the floor (in both their bedroom and the living areas) turn into some kind of magical pouch that simply MUST be stuffed full of Legos or rocks or Little People and carried around the house for hours. I often find socks mixed it the toy box or other unexpected spots.

 I recently cleaned under some furniture in the living room and found and entire STASH of random, unmatched socks. I admit, I could wait to wash them and match them. I was a little giddy this morning when I had more matches than leftovers, including a pair of matching black socks for church! 

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but today I am WINNING the Sock Wars! Woot, woot!


Olive said...

I remember those days, and the excitement of finding matches to socks that had been in my "singles" bin for a long time.

Dorothy & Gwendolyn, however, wear mismatches. I have spent too much time these last couple days figuring out that if Gwennie had 18 pairs of socks, she would have 306 mismatched pairs; no, only 153 because a red-blue pair is the same as a blue-red pair. I just realized, though, that they would still have to be washed every 18 days because she only has 36 socks. Actually more often, because of all the missing socks. :)

Amy said...

And that is a victory indeed!!!

So glad that my kids are old enough to do the job now. I don't love matching all the socks.