Friday, May 2, 2014

100 Days of Summer Reading

Photo taken by Olivia. She & Trixie won a prize in a school contest for this one!

Like most parents, I'm a big fan of getting my kids to read. Unfortunately, the local library's summer reading program leaves a bit to be desired in the prizes department. They just don't suit our kids' tastes, personalities, or my wallet, and therefore aren't much of an incentive.

The solution? We are doing our own family reading program this summer. It starts this weekend, and I'm calling it 100 Days of Summer Reading. I made a cute little printable chart, and came up with prizes they'd actually want. Since it's hot and we live in Oklahoma, that means ice cream from Braums, with a few other things mixed in. They ask for it all summer anyway, so this year I decided they would have to earn it if they wanted it.

Since I've had a lot of questions about it and what our prizes are, I'm doing this little blog post about it.

If you would like to view the printable chart that I made, please click here.

Our prizes are:

5 days = 1 single dip ice cream or small frozen yogurt cone
10 days = Braums mix OR single dip sundae
20 days = play date or late night with 1 friend
50 days = movie date with Daddy
100 days = GRAND PRIZE

I'm not sure what our grand prize is going to be yet, but it might be a family outing or party. We'll see what the budget allows and the family decides. It might also just be cash. The possibilities are endless.

Other Rules Worth Mentioning:
1. Must read 20 minutes in a single day in order to color in one box.
2. Prizes are NOT cumulative. In other words, on "the 5's" (5, 15, 25), you get a small ice cream. On "the 10's" you can get a Braums mix/sundae. On the special weeks (20, 40, 50, 60, 80), you can choose to have the ice cream prize OR the other one (play date/movie night).

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