Monday, December 15, 2014

Cool Connor

Our of all of our children, I feel like Connor may have changed the most this past year. He is starting to show some distinct preferences and opinions of his own, such as this recent fascination he has with Star Wars. Ever since he saw a Darth Vader costume around Halloween, he has become a huge fan. Ben nourishes this interest (of course) and they have had some great bonding moments over it these past weeks.

Connor loves his teddy bear, Frank. It was given to him (used) from a neighbor about a year ago. I doubt Briggs knows how much Connor has loved that thing since. Frank has to go to school with him every day, but he isn't allowed to leave the backpack. He sleeps with him, hangs out with him on the couch, and sometimes Frank even goes with him when we leave the house to run errands. Connor even took the bear on our last hiking trip at Wichita Wildlife Refuge. You can see him carrying it in this picture:

Connor is in 1st grade right now. He is somewhat ambiguous towards school, but he seems to be doing pretty well. He's a great reader, and recently picked up a Captain Underpants book at the school's book fair. I don't think he can read all the words, but after he got it, he would sit on the couch and just gaze at the pages for a long time. I don't know if he was reading a little or just looking at pictures, but I am glad to see that he is developing a healthy love for books.

Another favorite of Connor's is the Dinobuddies chicken nuggets they sell at Sam's. We sampled them one day and bought a box. Ever since then, Connor has been hooked. The ingredients are pretty decent as far as chicken nuggets go, so I don't discourage him too much. He wants to take them every day to school for lunch, I don't know how he can stand eating them cold, but he loves them and eats them about 4 days a week.

As far as music goes, Connor has developed a preference there, too. He loves Imagine Dragons, particularly the song Radioactive. He often asks me if he can watch the Minecraft parody of Radioactive on YouTube (see below). I don't really get the appeal for him since he's never played Minecraft, but...

Overall, Connor is a sweet boy who can be very loving when he wants to be. He's got great facial expressions, but it is getting harder to get him to smile for the camera. Here are a few of my favorite pictures we have of him from this past year:

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