Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sweet Kelsey

I realized that I never finished with my kids' updates, so I guess it's time to get started again with the next in line!

Kelsey is 10 years old, and will be 11 in April. She is a quirky gal, and she likes it that way. She's a big fan of playing outside, riding her scooter, and showing people her scars from the bad scooter accident back in April - just 2 days before her birthday, no less! In some ways, she is fearless. She jumped off the 12-foot high dive when she was about 7 or 8 years old, and she hopped back on the scooter the day after her injuries. But in other ways, she's a little timid. She doesn't like to be alone in the dark, and is a little... jittery... around spiders and other creepy-crawlies.

She is probably one of my most tender-hearted children. She craves acceptance and kindness from others, and is more likely to let me know when her feelings have been hurt. She rejects her old nickname from when she was little (Kelsey-bug) and just wants people to call her "Kels" or "Kelsey".

With the exception of a disastrous month in 2nd grade, this is Kelsey's first year in public school since Kindergarten. She is in 5th grade, which means she has a lot of work to do and keep up with. It was a challenging transition for us, but she has conquered it well. She is full of excitement for life, for school, for learning, for animals, and for drawing. She's also pretty competitive and loves to play games, particularly when she wins.

Kelsey loves people, especially younger kids. She has a blast playing with and entertaining them. Well, unless she's related to them, that is. When it's her brothers, it's a toss-up whether she will be in the mood or want to have "some space". She is inquisitive, and if there is a pretty flower or critter to discover when she is exploring, she will find it. Like all of our children, Kelsey is a blessing to our family. We love her very much and enjoy watching her grow into her talents, her gifts, and her interests.

She also likes to make crazy faces in pictures. Here's some of my favorite pictures that show her personality:

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