Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Fun

Fall means 2 things: Halloween and changing leaves. We finally got both! Last Friday night we had a small Halloween party at our house with some friends. And wonder of wonders: Ben agreed to dress up in a costume! Here's a few pics from the night. I'd have more, but Ben was assigned to camera duty.

Ben as "The Road"

Anita as "Blackmail"
(In the background you can see my neighbor, Amber, as a polygamist.)

Connor as a bumblebee!

Olivia as a traffic light with her two friends: Hannah Montana (Tabitha) and the cheerleader (Sydney).

Okay, Kelsey was actually a Christmas tree again this year, but we didn't get any good pictures of her in costume. However, Ben did get this fabulous one of her with some fake vampire teeth. Frightening, isn't it?

So that was our Halloween. The next day (Saturday) we spent some time at Hafer Park. This is probably the biggest city park in Edmond, and we got some more great pictures I just HAVE to share!

There was this huge cement rock-climbing wall at the park, and Ben helped Kelsey to climb it to about our eye-level. Then we told her to hang on so we could get a picture. Her look of distress was just adorable! She's telling us she can't hold on any more.

And of course, Ben had to have a go at the rock-climbing wall...

...and Olivia... I had a go, too, but I didn't get very far and there weren't any pictures of it.

And there was this great picture of Connor sucking on Ben's shoulder!

And last, but not least: me and the kids at the duck pond. Aren't the colors amazing!?


Anita said...

Great pictures! That park is fabulous. We need to go back and get some pictures. I have a picture of Kelsey in her Christmas tree costume, I'll put it on my blog.

Amberdawn said...

Oh dear! That comment was from me not you!

scchesleys said...

Great pictures! Our leaves are just now starting to change. So now Connor is a shoulder sucker as well as a thumb sucker?

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! Hunter wanted to be a Christmas tree too!

Joe said...

Miss you all...Olivia's grade money going out today...a little bit for Kelsey also...


Joe and Tammy said...

Where do I start!?! great pictures. Your's and Ben's costumes are awesome, the kiddies are too cute, the rock climbing wall...wish i had one of those! and the picture in front of the water with the fall trees...beautiful! hope things are going well...tammy

Rebecca and Christy said...

This is Ambers sister, I love the picture you got of her as a polygimast :) Thanks for being such a good friend to Amber.