Monday, October 27, 2008

Laughter and Solitude

I asked the girls to tell me their favorite jokes. Olivia's friend, Sydney, was over. Here is what they told me (verbatim):

Kelsey: Knock-knock. Who's there? Why did the squirrel cross the road? Why? Because he gots no eyes.

Sydney: What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant? What? Dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-aaaaaant.

Olivia: Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? Why? Because he had no guts.

Kelsey: Why did the turtle cross the road? Why? Because he gots no shell to protect it.

Sydney: Why didn't the skeleton climb the mountain? Why? Because he had no guts.

Olivia: How do you fix a broken Jack-O-lantern? How? With a pumpkin patch.

You know, this morning was one of those melt-down days. I slept badly and not enough, Connor wouldn't settle down, and Kelsey was having issues. We had an appointment that Kelsey needed to go to at 10:00 about a mile away, and I hadn't even been able to shower. I hadn't kept the car so we had to walk, and at one point all three of us were in my front yard crying (or trying not to). My wonderful neighbor came out and tried to help, and we eventually got on the road and to our appointment only five minutes late. Around 1:30 this afternoon I finally got Connor to sleep so I could take a shower, and I found I didn't want to get out. I kept turning the water hotter and hotter and just enjoying the heat and solitude. And then it hit me.

Laughter and Solitude. These are the salt and pepper of life. Without them life is just kind of flat. Laughter enhances and adds flavor to the good things in life, and solitude brings a contrasting flavor that makes the others more enjoyable. I miss my solitude. I know the time will come again in my life when it comes more easily. But I am in the season where my solitude comes mostly on the days I can pull myself out of bed at 5:00 a.m. to read my scriptures. Maybe that's part of why I enjoy it so much.


Laresa said...

Oh, Anita. I miss you. It is always so great to read your posts. And to have solitude that would be nice..:0

Amberdawn said...

Funny jokes. :) I hope I didn't make things worse! Solitude is lovely, that's why I can usually be found relaxin in the bath every evening. You can always send the kidlets over to my house.

Anonymous said...

These are so funny!

Jayne said...

I feel your pain! Really, I do. While you're in the stage of life that you're in, sometimes it's hard to remember how blessed you are and how "this too shall pass." One day you'll be in my stage of life wondering where all those crazy days went.