Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Am Superwoman!

We moved in August 14th. Since then, every time we have had to open the garage door, it was like moving heaven and earth because one of the springs was disconnected. So, a couple of weeks ago I drug Ben out to the garage to try to fix the dang thing. This is a heavy-duty spring that's about a yard long and 2 inches thick. And the tension on that thing was so strong that Ben and I together couldn't get the thing stretched out more than half the distance it had to go. So I got this idea that a rope was what we needed. Tonight I bought a blue nylon rope for $1.88 at Wal-Mart, and drafted Ben out again. He told me he would do it, but it wouldn't work, etc. etc. etc. What a fantastic "I TOLD YOU SO!". It took several tries, but with me pulling and him hooking, we got that baby fixed! I just opened my garage almost one-handed!! YES!

1 comment:

Alona said...

You go Mighty woman!!!
Doesnt that feel awesome.