Saturday, December 20, 2008

Connor's First Word!

This has been an exciting week! Connor said his first word - Mama! And I just happened to be taping him at the time, so I have proof. What were the chances of that? So of course I had to post it here!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. That happened on Thursday - the night of Olivia's school program. Which, by the way was fabulous. They have a really good music teacher, and the 3rd graders did a bang-up job. We've ordered the DVD for the program, and will hopefully get it in January and can send it around to the family for viewing.

In other big news, this past Monday I was able to register Kelsey for Pre-kindergarten. I had signed her up in SC "just in case" I thought she was ready to go, but when we moved here, I knew she was. And it's become more apparent over the past month. She has been asking often to go to school, and she was able to get in to a small class at Olivia's school with only 10 kids. It's in the afternoons for about 2 1/2 hours, and she just loves it. She started Tuesday - the day of our first winter storm. The roads were badly iced, and then it snowed very lightly, so the snow only really stuck to the roads and not the grass. How many people have a picture like this for their first day of school?

Here's a couple other cute pictures I wanted to put in of the girls. Kelsey went to a birthday party last weekend and got this pink feather boa, or "snake" as she calls it. She came downstairs posing for me, and Olivia decided to get in on the action. They are definitely all girl! They must get it from their Noni...

Also, Olivia brought a Cherokee basket home from school this week that she had made. It's about 6 inches tall, and she did a fabulous job, don't you think?

Now we are on the countdown to Christmas. This is when it is harder than ever to be away from our families. Olivia told me today that she really misses being with our family in SC. My mother is coming out for a visit the day after Christmas, and we're looking forward to that, but she is just one of many that we miss. You know who you are, and if we haven't told you lately - we love you!!


Jessica Crews said...

i'm jealous you get to see mom! that is sooooo cute that Conner said his first word. i like that you got it on video tape for all of us to see too:)
you're family is so awesome!

Connie said...

AH yes, a child after my own heart! Love the basket