Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Three Pictures and a Video

I realized it'd been a while since I did an update on the kids, so here's a few pics and stats:

Connor is now 5 1/2 months old. He had a check-up yesterday and he's almost 15 pounds! He's built a lot like Olivia was. For weight, he's in the 10th-25th percentile and his height is 50th percentile. However, his head is 90th percentile! That's funny because he doesn't LOOK like a pumpkin head. I started him on solids (rice cereal) a couple weeks ago, and he's doing pretty good. I can't wait till he's feeding himself, but at least he's getting the whole "close your mouth and swallow" thing down. Kind of.

There's a story behind this picture. As you will see in the next picture, Olivia got a new Christmas dress and wanted a good poser picture by the Christmas tree. Kelsey had to have one as well, and so she got in front of the tree before church yesterday. The funny part is that she started posing, and Olivia started giving her advice about how to stand. What you see above is the result of Olivia's instruction. It was so funny to watch! In other news, Kelsey is so anxious to go to school. We got a starter book from the library, and she's starting to recognize some of the words, like "see" and "am". She knows almost all of her letters - lower case and upper case - as well as most of her numbers. She's just so smart and ready to learn! I'm hoping a spot will open up in Pre-K over Christmas, but if it doesn't I've got a few other ideas to get her involved in some preschool. I think she's ready.

Olivia was dying for a good Christmas dress. We did a lot of looking online, and then found this dress at Ross' for $15. You can't really see from the picture, but the dress is covered in glitter, and she's wearing a necklace and earrings of mine with some "bling". She's so cute. She's growing up so fast, I hardly know what to do! One of the things she has to do for school is track her reading time at home, and she has to read at least 100 minutes ah home every week. We haven't tracked all of it, but Olivia counted up this morning how many minutes she's read since the start of the school year. It was something like 44 1/2 hours! She's definitely taking after her parents in that respect. She's also really into her soccer ball. She likes to think she's a tom-boy, but she still watches her Barbie movies, so she's quite the contradiction sometimes. Adorable, though!

This is a video of Connor's first swing at the park the other day. Just to make sure he didn't slide out I put in a blanket to keep him in place. He was a lot of fun to watch. Just ignore the crazy mama talking while she takes the video. It's so embarrassing to hear yourself in a video - the things we do for our kids!


Connie said...

Ever wonder what the babies are thinking when we talk to them in that sing songy voice? Love the pictures and the video. Connor is getting so big and he is too cute!
We miss you.

Amberdawn said...

Cute little boy you got there, if only he'd let me babysit him without a meltdown. One day! It could happen...right?