Monday, October 19, 2009

Customer Appreciation

Last Thursday our local electric company (which I found out is part of a co-op which is why they're nicer to us that your electric company probably is) hosted a customer appreciation night at their facility. Ben had to work late, so the kids and I loaded up and headed out to the festivities.

We got there, picked up our free T-shirts and balloons, and posed for this picture.

Just after we took it a local TV reporter for the cable news channel asked to interview the girls. I gave my consent and they answered some questions. If it's ever broadcast, they will email me and I'll post the link here.

The next thing to do was to hit the booths and entertainment, of course.
Olivia was pretty good at this one.
Kelsey did better when she stood a bit closer.
And while the girls shot their water guns, Connor watched.
Then the girls picked up some balloon animals from the clown.
Kelsey got the poodle...
... and Olivia the sword! Not really an animal, but oh well.
After a few more information booths and freebies (water bottles, footballs, mail openers, etc.) we moved on to the Backhoe Bowling. This required another signed consent form for Mommy and safety equipment for the girls. They took it very seriously.
And Connor watched from the stroller.
So what exactly is Backhoe Bowling, you ask? It's where the girls use a backhoe to knock over some safety cones. You can see Olivia here...
... and Kelsey here.
And what was Connor doing through all of this? You guessed it - watching from his stroller!
And while Kelsey was waiting on Olivia she tried a Lemonhead. It was a mite sour for her.
Finally we made our way over to what the girls had really been waiting for: Bucket Truck Rides.

We weren't sure if Kelsey would be tall enough - but looky there! She just made it!

Then we got in line. And waited. And the girls got tattoos. And we waited.
And while we waited I let Connor out of the stroller.
He wandered. A lot. Olivia followed him around while I kept our place in line and waited some more.
When it almost our turn it was time for Connor to get back in the stroller. He wasn't too happy about that, but I pacified him with animal crackers.
And then it was our turn! The girls got geared up. Again, Kelsey took it very seriously.
And then they went up for a ride.
Way up!
When it was over they hopped out of the bucket...
... made their way back to me...
...and talked about how cool it was and totally worth the wait! By then all we had time for was to grab a free hot dog and hit the road to get Daddy from work. What a fun day!

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SCNONI said...

Mom's electric coop does the same thing every year but I just can't see her taking a Bucket ride.