Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looks Gross, Dunnit?

I have just been chastised by my sister Gwen for not posting about Olivia's injuries yesterday. So here we go, nasty pictures and all!

What you see here is a wound and a stitch on the back of Olivia's head. Nasty, huh?

And to put it in perspective...

So what happened? Well, about 4pm yesterday afternoon she was out on the back patio taking a break after school. Trixie was running around the yard like a banshee and ran Olivia's legs right out from under her. I saw her go down, and heard the thunk when her head hit the concrete. I ran to Olivia (who was crying by now) and checked her head. Yep - there was blood! Poor Kelsey broke down worse than Olivia did. Olivia was crying in pain, Kelsey was crying because she thought Olivia was going to die. My poor darlings.

Of course I called their doctor. He had just left for the day and the nurse wanted me to go to the ER because it was likely going to need stitches or staples to close the skin back together. THAT wasn't going to happen. I have been meaning to switch to a doctor that was closer to our new house anyway, so I got a referral from a friend and had switched doctors by 4:15. Fortunately, the new doctor is just around the corner - less than a mile from our house. Bonus for us!

The rest of our evening involved getting a single stitch in Olivia's head and a CT scan at the hospital to make sure there wasn't anything more serious we needed to worry about. According to the doctor this morning, Olivia has no further injury from her fall yesterday. However, the CT scan DID show that she apparently has chronic sinus infections.


This actually makes perfect sense once I think about it. Olivia often wakes up with a sore throat and can't breathe through her nose at night. I assumed this was allergies, and I'm probably right. Being and under-medicator parent that I am, I have never really worried about it. She's not like Kelsey who was ending up with strep regularly from because HER allergies made the glands in her neck swell to the size of ping-pong balls. So, when we go in next week to get her stitches - or stitch rather - out, we'll talk about her sinuses and what we may need to do to help them stay clear.

And on the bright side, Olivia got to stay home from school today with a doctor's note.


*Jess* said...

ouch! I am glad she's not hurt worse!

Hey, let me know what the doc says about her chronic sinus stuff. Jaina is on Claritin and Flonase, but neither one keeps her from getting green icky drainage. She's already been on an antibiotic twice these past few months and she honestly needs one again! She is so sick of sinus gunk!

Stephanie said...

Ouch! Glad she's okay! Who's your new ped?

SCNONI said...

I keep telling you that washing out the sinus helps tremendously. I found a saline mix at Walmart that does the job. You pour a packet of saline mix into a bottle that comes with your initial purchase, add warm water and squirt it up your nose. Be sure to keep the mouth open or you will truly feel like you're drowning. I'm glad she is better. I know she had lots to do this weekend. Love all around.

scchesleys said...

I'm glad she's ok. Jared also has that chronic sinus ickiness. He took nose spray for a while and it cleared up.