Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday Dinner With the Crews Clan

I have such a weird family.  Really I do.  But since I fit right in, I just love them to pieces.  Take this past Sunday, for example.  My sister Dorothy who lives in NY had surprised my mom at church by showing up in Primary where my mom was playing the piano.  She had convinced my mother she was going to Vermont for her winter break, so it was a great surprise for her.  In honor of said surprise (which all the rest of us knew about and had been hiding from my mom for two weeks) we were having a family dinner at my sister Beth's house.  It was loud, chaotic, and utterly enjoyable for all of us, though I'm pretty sure Beth felt significant stress from having made the entire lunch by herself (lasagna, of course) and having a hoard of crazy people storm around in her house.

So anyhow, after lunch we were just sitting around, talking and laughing.  Most of the men in the house had retreated to the den to watch something on TV while the estrogen-laden members of the family were hanging around in the livingroom.  My sister Dorothy starts picking on my sister Gwen.  Now, keep in mind that Dorothy is 30 and Gwen is 28.  Dorothy takes out a permanent marker and holds the tip near Gwen's face so that when Gwen turns her head she'll get marker on her face.  And you know, we all still find this funny!  Maybe it was just general lack of sleep...

I tried to get some good pictures since we were all together (except the brothers and their families - we missed you guys!) but alas... it was not to be.  Something about a mirror and a glare.  As my mom would say, "Oh, phooey."  But I did snag a few pictures that are worth sharing.  Many more just didn't turn out the way I had hoped!

This one is my neice Bobbi (Beth's oldest) with my neice Gwendolyn (Dorothy's youngest).  Two beautiful ladies!

Grandma reading to Connor - his favorite passtime!

Me and Dorothy
(I know the color is bad, but I'm on my mom's laptop and it's cumbersome to edit pictures - deal with it.)

And last but DEFINITELY not least, my picture with Gwen that had an unexpected surprise in the upper right-hand corner... Dorothy is such a freak.  Weird family, remember?


Jayne said...

Aren't families great? Glad you got to come to SC and spend some time with yours, especially the "estrogen laden" ones.

Gwendolyn Weiler said...

I LOVE this picture. It has a true sense of the Crews legacy. Perfect, perfect, perfect.