Sunday, September 12, 2010

Connor's Nighttime Adventure

He looks all sweet and innocent, doesn't he?

We're just not sure anymore.

A couple of weeks ago, we bought Connor a toddler bed.  Since his crib will have a new occupant sooner rather than later, it has become vital that we move Connor out of the crib and into a new bed.  We found a great deal on Craigslist and brought it home, and the next morning Connor and the girls played with the new bed.  The picture above was taken that day - Kelsey had put every single stuffed animal she could find into the bed and Connor thought it was the best thing ever!

We have had mostly success with him in his "big boy bed".  He's still fussing for a few minutes when we put him down at night (he's been doing this for months!) but generally he'd stay in the bed.  There was a couple times he didn't, so he'd get moved back into the crib, but as I said - overall it's been a success.

Yesterday Connor went down for his nap with (gasp!) enthusiasm.  He climbed into bed himself, said "night-night" to me, and I walked out of the room.  No tears, no whining.  Fabulous.  Could he keep this up at bedtime?  Sure enough, he walked down the hall with Daddy, blew kisses to me, and got straight into bed.  Perfect night, right?

Fast forward to 1:00 a.m.  I heard Connor over the baby monitor.  I heard him stir a little and then immediately let out a cry.  So into his room I went to check on him and make sure he was okay.  I looked in the bed, but he wasn't there.  Huh?  Where could he be?  I looked around the room, and there he was - sitting on top of the changing table.

Ben thinks he might be a sleepwalker.

I think he played around before falling asleep in the first place.

Either way, he obviously woke up on top of the changing table and was confused.  Needless to say he spent the rest of his night in the crib.

We're going to have to keep our eye on this one.

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