Friday, October 8, 2010

A Boy and His Hat

Several weeks ago was pulling out our baby stuff, which included this neck-support liner for the car seat.  Connor quickly commandeered it and started wearing it around the house, calling it his "hat".  Whenever he got his hands on it, this is what I'd see:

Since the poor boy didn't have a cap of his own, I realized he had been driven to desperate measures.  We needed to rectify the situation.  So, on our next trip to Wally World, we went by the kids' department to look at their hats.  Fortunately for us, they still had some in stock from the summer.  As an added bonus, they were all on sale for $2 a piece.

I showed Connor the selection of hats, and he picked his favorite: Spiderman with the a flap that snaps up or can be let down to cover his neck.

Of course, he always wears it snapped up.  In fact, he always wears it now, period.  I think he's had the hat for about 3 weeks, and I'm not sure I've seen his hair except at bath-time and church.  This morning when I got up, this is what I saw:

The first thing he does in the morning is put on his hat.  He doesn't take it off until bedtime.  In fact, Ben insisted that he take it off during dinner last night, and it resulted in many tears and crying. 

I guess you just can't separate a southern boy from his hat.


Becky said...

Ummm... Conner is a midwesterner... My southern boy will remove his hat the instant one is placed on his head. I think he thinks hats are just a game to play with mommy or daddy.

Anita said...

Connor was born in SC, which makes him a southerner :) And a year ago, that was Connor with a hat. Give Lucas a year or so, and it may change...

*Jess* said...

LOL! He's so adorable in it!