Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Little Thespian

This past year Olivia was in a homeschool drama class taught by a FABULOUS woman named Linda.  The first thing the class did was collaborate on writing and illustrating a book to submit to Scholastic Books.  Olivia, of course, was one of the illustrators (among other things).  They wrote a book entitled Yesterday's Tomorrow about a group of girls from the future that end up in 1890.  It was very cute!

Then, Linda took their book and made it into a play.  Cool, right?  Not nearly as cool as the actual performance!  It was only about 30 minutes long, but Ben and I are "right proud of our young'un".  Olivia is usually very shy about getting up in front of a group of people, so this was a big deal for her and us!  She had a little stage fright as curtain time got closer, but I couldn't tell a bit when she was actually on stage.

Since I was the "play photographer", I got a lot of pictures during the performance...

I'll spare you the bulk of them, but here are a few:

Olivia's character in the play was named Sarah.  She was a 19-year old big sister to the girls on the left.  The "Ma and Pa" were away and she was in charge.  At one point Ben leaned over to me and said, "Was she really cast as the bossy big sister in this play?"  Yes, yes... it was typecasting for sure!

In this scene, she's caring for the house and taking care of the youngest sister while the two other sisters are gathering eggs and complaining that Sarah (Olivia) shouldn't make them do so many chores since she has nothing better to do than sit around all day and take care of their sister.  Ha!

"Sarah" protecting younger sis from the strange future people.

The full cast and director taking a bow together.  It's SO obvious we're anti-social homeschoolers :-)

Olivia after the play.

Another cast photo.  Olivia's BFF is the girl standing on her right (our left).  Her younger sister at the end is also a good friend of Olivia's.  Kelsey adores these girls, too, and they often include her in their invitations.  They are so sweet!

And... as a bonus picture... there was one school house scene on the floor close to the audience that Connor decided he had to be part of.  See him there on the left?  Little stinker.

We're so proud of you, Olivia!  You were great!!

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