Monday, April 23, 2012

My Talented Kids

I uploaded some pictures from my camera today, and realized that I have some very, very talented kids.  For example:

Kelsey made this out of Play-Doh.  Not sure what it is, but... it's creative.

Maddox has hit the shoe-fettish stage, and is pretty good at getting them on. Matching shoes and clothing are both optional.

 Kelsey can lay on a bed of nails.

And so can Olivia.

Maddox can open the window blinds... with his mouth.

And he's getting pretty good at playing Hide and Seek, too.
(Actually, this is where I found him around midnight one night after he started sleeping in the toddler bed.  Note: the railing is back up on the crib.)

Kelsey has started helping Mom with the cake-decorating.  She came up with the "Happy Birthday" in paw stickers idea all by herself.  (By the way, she turned eight recently!)
 Connor has turned into quite the crocheter - see how fast he can go!

But don't overlook his talent for accessorizing.  He's a pro!

What  a lucky mommy I am.  With all these skills, the kids should be able to keep me and Ben comfortable in our old age.

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