Monday, January 28, 2013

Career Goals

There has been some fun going on for the past seven months at my house.

When we went to visit family in SC over Christmas, I realized that I haven't really made a formal announcement, so here we go...

I am now an independent consultant with Discovery Toys.
I had never heard of the company before June of 2012, but they have been around a long time.
Long enough that people who "grew up" on Discovery Toys are now buying them for their own kids.
I guess they just never made it as far as South Carolina.

I'm not writing this as a commercial for the products, though I could.
I'm writing this for two reasons.

Reason #1 - My family
I have never really known how to play with my kids.
Maybe I'm too busy.
Maybe I have no imagination.
But it's something I've always wanted to do better.
Now I am learning.
And enjoying.
And loving.
Even if I never sell another toy, choosing to be a consultant has changed my relationship with my kids forever.
For the better.

Reason #2 - Career Goals
I love staying home with my kids.
Some days I love it more than others.
But I have also sacrificed something.
Besides the money.
I love the feeling of professional accomplishment.
I love it when I am part of a team that gets things done.
The most important work I do is as a mom and a wife.
Now I can do something professionally that enhances that.
And still gives me the feeling of professional satisfaction that I crave.
And so in 2013 I have decided.
I will promote in Discovery Toys.
I will be a Team Leader.
I will increase the family income.
I will help strengthen parents' relationships with their kids.
Including my own.

Yes, I am recruiting.
Yes, I am working.
Yes, I am on the phone.
And going to parties.
And having grown-up adult conversations.
And going to Nashville for the DT Convention this summer.
And loving my family more when I get home.

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