Friday, February 8, 2013

Got Mail?

I'm pretty sure my postman hates us.
And it's not because we aren't super-nice people or anything.
Is because of Trixie.
She looks sweet, and she is sweet.
When she isn't.
Sometimes she barks at workmen that come to our house.
I think she is afraid of men in ball caps.
She HATES the mailman.
She started off afraid of him a little.
He made it worse by hissing and stamping at her when she barked at him.
Well, today Kelsey was taking Trixie for a walk when the mailman came by.
Trixie got away after dragging her a few feet.
By the time I got outside to find Trixie, I saw her a few houses down.
My neighbor, Terri was getting her for me.
Then I saw the mailman.
He was standing in the bed of the truck in that driveway.
I know I shouldn't laugh.
But I am.
She really is a nice dog.
I promise.

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