Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Kids Are Hilarious

It's possible that I'm suffering sleep deprivation.  Actually, it's more than possible.  It's probable.  But it's equally probable that my kids are just really funny these days.  I realize that I have posted funnies from Kelsey and Connor lately; now it's Olivia's turn.

Image from here
Today we were driving down the road behind a Thunderbird convertible that looked much like the one pictured above.  Olivia's dialogue went something like this:

That's a nice-looking car.  It's be cool to have a convertible.

It's kind of a funny shape, though.

Kind of like a fat hot dog.

Seriously! If you just take off the windshield and tires, paint it the color of a hot dog, and imagine it in a bun - a FAT bun. A hot dog, right?

(And then a couple minutes later when the car turned into the 7 Eleven...)

That car totally has to fill up on ketchup for gas.

I'd like to say the kids get their sense of humor from me, but I don't really think they are trying to be funny.  Their comments actually remind me a little of comments that their Aunt Dorothy used to make when she was younger.  For example, here's one of our family stories that gets passed around:

Image found here

Years ago we were visiting upstate NY and Dorothy was riding with a family friend (Jim Maher) to go pick up some pizza.  This was about the time the farmers started making those giant round bales in their hay fields instead of the smaller rectangular ones.  Jim turned to Dorothy and said, "You know, the cows have been complaining."

"Why?" Dorothy queried.

"They've changed the bales of hay, and now they aren't getting a square meal every day," was the answer.

Dorothy thought for a minute, and then replied, "Well, they are getting a well-rounded one."

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