Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Candid Cook: Easy Guacamole

One of these days I'll start posting about my kids again, I swear!  
It seems like the last year we haven't been doing very much.
I'm working on changing that.

In the meantime... 

Want a little quesadilla with your guacamole?  
This is one of our (meaning me and the boys) favorite things.
We love love LOVE avocados.
You know that guacamole you get get out at restaurants?
This isn't it.
That's got too much extra stuff in it for their tastes.
The boys are purists.

So what DO we put in our green goodness?
(Warning: this makes a lot of guacamole, so if you are making it for one or two people, you probably want to half this.)

Anita's Easy Guacamole

2 avocados
1 Tbsp lime juice
3/4 tsp ground cumin
3/8 tsp Nature's Seasoning (salt blend)

I actually went through the trouble of measuring ingredients today, but remember you can make this to taste.  I usually just use the "sprinkle on till it looks right" approach.

To get started, scoop out the middle of the avocado and put it in a bowl.  If you don't know how to do it, there are some good tutorials online.  Here is one with a few suggestions if you need help finding one.
(Hey, look at that!  My counters really ARE avocado green...)

Next you take a fork and mash up the avocado, being sure to leave it chunky.

Next you add the lime juice, ground cumin, and Nature's Seasons.

Mix it well.

Eat it on a quesadilla.

Savor every bite.

If you are under three, you can get away with eating only the guacamole and leaving your quesadilla.

But you have to look cute and say "cheese" when mom points the camera at you.

 And be sure to wipe your plate clean with your finger.  There's no sense letting any of that go to waste.

So what do YOU like on your guacamole??

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Jessica Crews said...

so i love making real homemade guac. but like you said sometimes its too time consuming and not everyone likes it with jalapenos and such. so i do something very similar to this. my quick guac consists of a little garlic salt, some cumin, some lime juice and a little bit of salsa. mix it up and enjoy!!!