Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Girl Scouts and WAGGGS: Part 2

Do you recognize this symbol?

As I mentioned in my last post, I have recently done some research into the Girl Scouts, WAGGGS, and the allegations that have been made regarding WAGGGS participation in promoting legalized abortion throughout the world.  As the mother of a Girl Scout and local Volunteer with my Council, I took this research to the Council and asked for answers.  Last night, the Executive Director of the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma, Ms. Shannon Evers, met with me and several other concerned parents from our troop to discuss these issues.

First, I have to say that I was very pleased with the way the meeting took place.  There was no animosity, and each of us had the opportunity to state our concerns and receive respectful answers.  It was a positive experience for me and I believe for everyone else that was there.


The Girl Scouts has acknowledged WAGGGS's participation in Bali Global Youth Forum, and the resulting declaration that came out of that event.  Ms. Evers acknowledged that WAGGGS appears to be participating in other events of a controversial nature, in addition to the other activities they are doing.  She said that when the Girl Scouts USA initially joined WAGGGS, it was an organization created for the betterment of women and girls everywhere.  It was a logical choice for them to be part of this group.  Although the Girl Scouts USA is a member of WAGGGS, individual girl scouts are not considered members of the organization.

Her advice to us as parents is that if we have a problem with the GSUSA's membership in WAGGGS, we should try to be part of the "democratic process" and change it.  As a parent I can attend the local CST meeting and bring the issue up there.  I can try to be elected as a delegate that would eventually be sent do the National Convention in November 2014 and propose the change be made there.  Our girls could also fight from "the inside" and take the issue to the GSUSA office.  But that was all we could do.

As a pro-life, Christian parent, I have decided that the GSUSA is not the organization for me and my daughters.  This is not a time in my life that I can fight that fight "from the inside".  To be honest, I do not have much hope that we could win it.  At best, the leadership on the national level are aware of what WAGGGS is doing; at worst they are supporting these decisions, either by silence or acquiescence.  

However, I am not going to do nothing.  My task is one of education.  If you ask 100 girl scouts or their parents if they know what WAGGGS is and whether they supported it, 90-95% will probably say no.  Personally, when I did all this digging I felt very deceived. I don't want anyone else to feel that way.  I plan on drafting an article to submit to the local paper highlighting these issues so that local parents of Girl Scouts know what the issues are.  It will be posted on this blog, my facebook page, my homeschool group page, and anywhere else I can get it.  It will not be a "hate piece". 

I am not saying that is the right decision for everyone.  I firmly believe that in order for change to be effected, it is going to take parents making one of two choices: they can either choose to leave the Girl Scouts and withdraw their financial support as I did, or they can fight from the inside as members of the organization that deserve to be heard.  But first, they need to know there is a choice to be made.


Melisa said...

Thank you again, for doing the foot work on this. There have been "rumors" out there about this, but you have connected the dots so that the rumors are no longer unfounded.

Olive said...

I'm sad to learn that about the Girl Scouts & their association with WAGGGGS (how many G's?) as it is today. I know that your choice was not easy.

A Moore and Associates said...

I really believe if your letter to the editor was put in the New York Times NPR would take notice. You are writing about an international organization. Look at the press the Boy Scouts are getting. The interview folks everyday who write to the New York Times