Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Things I Hate About Moving #1-3

As our family prepares for the upcoming move, I am reminded of the many things I dislike about this endeavor. Here's a few that are on my mind tonight.

1) Rooms that look like this ------------>

I mean, seriously. When the den looks like this, I have to ban the little guys from going in there. Fortunately the weather has been cooler and I can throw them outside on the covered patio instead. Rain or shine.

2) A barren pantry. Because I knew we were moving, I haven't been "stocking up" on the little things while grocery shopping. Tonight, this translated into running out of taco seasoning (and the ingredients to make more). And, since desperation is the father of invention, we are having "fajita enchiladas" instead. Will they be good? We'll see. But it's just not the same.  And speaking of dinner, that leads me to the next item on my list.

3) Late dinners. Normally, at THIS time:
we are finished with dinner. Not tonight. Tonight the aforementioned enchilada experiment was sitting on top of the cold oven at this time. Maybe we'll get to eat by 7:00. Is this entirely due to moving? Well, I spent so much time talking to mortgage people and insurance companies, that I just couldn't get moving to start dinner before 5:30. And then, of course I was out of things that I needed to cook with and had to come up with a backup plan. So, yes, I'm going to blame this one on the move.

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Amy said...

Never fun to move!! Good luck for the next little while. Soon you will be basking in the perfect tidiness and filled pantry of your new home - after a timely dinner :)