Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trunk or Treat 2014

Probably the only good thing about doing a church Trunk or Treat before Halloween is that the kids get a "trial run" on their costumes before the big night of having to walk door-to-door. This year I wimped out and purchased costumes for Connor and Maddox, but I made the main part of Kelsey's costume. It was the most difficult thing I have sewed to date. I didn't use a pattern, and I have never before sewn sleeves or zippers. I'm really, really proud of myself.    

Here are a few things we learned tonight when we got ready:

1) If you put a Darth Vader mask on the sweetest kid in the world, he will still look evil.
(And no, he didn't wear his mask to the church tonight. He'll get to wear it on Halloween.)

2) A Fire Chief is also a ninja!

(A ninja who likes to do photo-bombs.)

3) Connor's "mean face" is pretty adorable when he's not serious.

4) Kelsey can make a pretty good "Franny K. Stein" face.

Here's the original for comparison.

5a) Purple hair mousse does not show up in brown hair.
5b) Mom really needs to check beforehand to be sure that what she thinks is purple hair spray isn't a can of purple silly string.
5c) Kelsey looks adorable no matter what she does to her hair.

6) Wear gloves before working with purple hair mousse. It will stain, apparently.

BONUS: It's a good idea to make the boys go to the bathroom before putting on their costumes...

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Amy said...

Awesome costume skills!! I've decided you can pretty much be good at anything you choose. Go Anita!!