Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Post-Halloween Festivities

The week of Halloween, our family got hit by a nasty stomach bug. First Olivia fell to its clutches Tuesday evening, and then I succumbed a mere 24 hours later. Since no one was sick Thursday night we were hoping it was over, but alas! It was not to be. Kelsey woke up sick on Friday (Halloween), and stayed sick all day long. She felt terrible, and was so sad that she couldn't go trick or treating with her brothers! She asked if she could pass out candy ("Would you like some germs with that treat?") but we told her no to that, as well.

In an attempt to help make it up to her, Ben and I told her she could have a movie night the following week and dress up in costume with a few of her friends. We had the girls decorate brown paper bags and do a little "trick or treat" to our house. Then I made them gather for a group picture...

"Pretty face"

"Silly face" 

"Surprised face"

"Freaky face"

And a few good sports let me take their pictures as a bonus!

"Trick or treat!!"

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