Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Connor is One!

Yes, this happy little man has officially turned one year old! I know, I know... some of you are wondering why in the world I'm just getting around to this now considering his birthday was almost 3 weeks ago. Well, I'll tell you why. We were coming to SC to see family a week after his birthday, and since the 1st birthday is really for the family anyway instead of the kid, Ben and I decided to have his birthday party while we were here in South Carolina.

This lady here (Trish, aka Anita's Scrabble buddy) and her family came with a gift for Connor to open, even though it was not required for admission to the festivities.

But Connor had fun opening it!

And playing with it, of course.

I decided to buy Connor's cake rather than make it, and fortunately Wally World had a great Curious George cake perfect for the occasion!

Then of course we had to do the traditional "baby's first cake" thing. I learned long ago at Olivia's first birthday that the more colorful the icing on the cake is, the more fun baby has. (And the spectators, of course!)

Let's just say Connor has a sweet tooth, shall we?

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