Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Recently it has been more apparent to me than ever that my second daughter, Kelsey, marches to the beat of a different drummer. She's somewhat of a goof, and definitely full of charm when she wants to be. She can also make me crazy when she's in the mood to whine and be dramatic. For example, ever since we got home from vacation she has been making a big production at bedtime because her bedtime is about 30 minutes before Olivia's and she doesn't want to go. She's full of excuses: scared of the dark (it's still light outside), her leg itches, she had a bad dream, she just "wants me", and so on. It's really, really getting old.

However, as much as she can make me crazy, she's also really good at making me laugh. Today I was heating up some leftover pizza for her and Olivia for lunch. There were 4 slices left, so when I bagged it up I put the 2 cheese on the bottom and the 2 pepperoni on top. Of course, when I took them out today the two slices on the bottom had little pieces of crust stuck to the cheese from the slices that had been on top. Kelsey was standing next to me watching me make it, and suddenly she burst out: "Is that the only way to do it? Are you out of your mind?!" I laughed so hard I couldn't stand up straight. I love that crazy girl.


SCNONI said...

I know exactly what you mean. She can really come out with some weird stuff. However, if you are a little weird too, it makes perfect sense. I miss y'all.

scchesleys said...

She fits right in! It's the magical way that a 5 year old thinks.

*Jess* said...

Yeah, mom, what were you thinking doing the pizza that way?? :)

She cracks me up, too :)