Friday, July 3, 2009

Old Friends and New

Several months ago I received a friend request on Facebook from an old college friend named Brian. I also "friended" his wife, Jess, and discovered she had a blog too! One of the amazing things I have learned about this bloggerverse is how easy it is to grow new friendships and enlarge old ones when we can glimpse into each others' everyday lives. Jess quickly became a new favorite "blogging buddy" and when we planned our South Carolina trip, it included a lunch layover to see Brian and meet Jess and their kids.

Because Jess is such a good blogger, she had her camera whilst mine sat in the diaper bag and she (with the help of Kelsey and her son, Jayce) snapped some photos of the occasion. Rather than taking the time to download and repost them here (sorry, Dad, your laptop is slow!) you'll just have to check out her blog to see them for yourself.

By far, my favorite part of the visit was the very beginning when Brian came up when we got there and gave Ben a hug. Yes, you read that right. Ben. A hug. From another man. Not a relative. (Try not to go into shock, people!) I've been laughing at the look Ben had on his face for the past 3 days! It turns out I like Jess just as much in person and their son, Jayce is even more adorable than he looks in pictures. (We missed Jaina due to a camp she was attending, but never fear - we have plans together tomorrow, too!) As we left Jayce even consented to fling his arms out and give me a hug which I absolutely adored. It turns out that Ben likes them all, too - even Brian, though he'd like him better with a handshake instead of a hug. Which is good since we'll be hanging out with them most of tomorrow, too.

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*Jess* said...

LOL!! I told Brian that he might want to just shake Ben's hand next time and he said,"Nope, I'll have to give him THREE hugs tomorrow!" I have no idea why Brian likes to hug men. I think its because he knows it makes people feel uncomfortable. And that's Brian's middle name!