Monday, January 4, 2010

Five and Two-Thirds

I'm amused by many things today, it would seem.  Another story I wanted to share from my afternoon excursion to get Kelsey from school.  We live about 4 streets down from the school and I normally walk to get her, unless it's freezing (literally) like it has been lately.  On these days I drive to the school, park across the street, and walk to the place I normally pick her up.  Here's the conversation Kelsey and I had on the way back to the van:

Kelsey: "Mommy, when I came outside you weren't there yet and I thought maybe I was supposed to walk home by myself."

Anita:  "No, honey, you're not allowed to walk home alone."

Kelsey:  "But next time if you're not there could I start walking home by myself?"

Anita: "No, Kelsey.  You are not allowed to walk home alone.  You're too young."

Kelsey: "But I'm a big girl!  I'm five and two-thirds!"

Anita:  "I know you are, but you won't be allowed to walk home alone until you're at least 7 or 8."

Kelsey:  "But I'm five and two-thirds!  That's the same as seven!"


*Jess* said...

"That's the same as 7!" LOL!

Connie said...

too cute!

marlajayne said...

She's already better in math than I am!

Joe said...

Sounds like her Dad and when he was doing fractions...


Anita said...

Dad, I am laughing my butt of right now :)

scchesleys said...

That does sound a lot like "Ervin math". She's just chock full of insight.