Monday, January 25, 2010

The Powers of Observation

This weekend we have not been able to find either our thermometer or stapler.

Usually they live on the kitchen counter and on top of the computer desk, which Ben cleared off for me on Saturday morning.

I asked him to put anything he didn't know what to do with in a laundry basket for me to put away when I got the chance.

Here is the conversation that took place:

Anita: "Ben, have you seen the stapler anywhere?"

Ben: "Nope."

Anita: "It's always on top of the computer.  Are you sure you didn't put it in the laundry basket?"

Ben: "Yep.  I haven't seen it."

Anita quickly checks the laundry basket to make sure and doesn't see it on top.

Anita: "This is so weird!  I always keep it there so Connor can't grab it."

And then yet another conversation:

Anita: "Ben, did you see the thermometer when you cleaned off the counter?"

Ben: "Nope."

Meanwhile, Anita is dumping out and going through the basket on the kitchen counter where the thermometer usually lives.

Anita: "Crud, Connor must have walked off with it.  I can't find it anywhere!"

Enter Monday morning.  I'm doing laundry and getting around to putting away all the stuff that ended up in the laundry basket.

Can you guess what I found?

Thanks right, Sherlock.  Don't quit your day job...

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Christy said...

Too Funny!!!! I am the "finder of all things missing" at my house. Usually it's some piece of mail that's been in my way, getting wet on the counter, for a month. When I move it, it's suddenly a prized and irreplaceable document!