Sunday, March 21, 2010


Okay, so let's cut to the chase.  I've spent the last several days looking for my little cable to upload pictures from my camera.  I can't find it.  Of course, there's still a couple of bags that aren't completely empty yet but I'm pretty sure it got left in SC somewhere.  Shocking, I know.

But let's be realistic here.  Our trip to South Carolina was very, very stressful and very, very tiring.  We got to see family (which was nice) and a few friends (which was also nice) and make some money (especially nice) but for the amount of time we spent there we actually got very little "vacationing" done.  So in all honesty I don't really feel like recreating it for the sake of friends, family, and posterity on this blog.  The very thought of it makes me tired all over again.  And I can't get to my pictures, which is frustrating.  When I can, maybe I'll be inclined to share a few, but in the meantime a few words about our trip will have to suffice.

We left for SC on February 12th, the day after a big snow storm dumped a foot of snow on Dallas and was working it's way along I-20 - the route we were taking.  Fortunately, most of the snow had melted by the time we made our way through the southern states.  We were originally going to be in SC about 4 1/2 weeks, staying with the Crews side of the family in Columbia during the week while I worked, and then staying out in Lugoff with the Ervin side of the family on the weekends.  By the end of week 3 we were so tired of moving around and not being home in our own space that we decided that we'd leave as soon as my work obligations were fulfilled, which was on March 12th.  The closer the date got, the more anxious we were to get on the road again.  I had spent most of my time exhausted from working, single-parenting, and being pregnant and was ready to be home.  The girls were tired of sharing a bed, and eventually the fun of being around family and friends was wearing off.

I almost feel like we snuck out of town, because there were a number of people we didn't get to say goodbye to.  We really did expect to be there one more weekend, but we just couldn't help ourselves.  I even decided to break my "no traveling on Sunday" rule so we could be home earlier.  And so on Friday afternoon we started the drive home, which for the most part was a series of slumber parties for us.  Friday evening with Brian, Jess, and Jaina in Spartanburg; Saturday with Jenny and family in Atlanta; Sunday and Monday with Uncle Niel, Aunt Julie and all the cousins in Louisiana!  And then on Tuesday, homeward bound.

How glad we are to be home.  We were greeted by a yard full of daffodils (I didn't know I had them - it's our first spring in this house!) and an ecstatic dog.  And of course - a very happy husband and daddy!  But no one was as happy as we were to be home again.


SCNONI said...

Joe said that you were looking for your cable and I have looked everywhere. The last I remember is that it was on the microwave in a ziplock bag and you packed it to go to Columbia. We miss you all.

Anonymous said...

I'm still in awe of your driving/traveling ability. I cannot imagine driving from SC to Oklahoma and back with three children...and keeping my sanity.