Sunday, March 21, 2010

The South Carolina "EdVenture"

Our first Friday in South Carolina, Aunt Beth took the kids to Edventure Children's Museum while I was working.  Since my camera was there, but I wasn't the girls will tell the story that goes with the pictures...

Olivia: This is Kelsey and Connor running up steps.  We had just arrived.

Kelsey:  Connor is staring at the camera.

Olivia: Eddie is humungo!

Kelsey: Connor and Olivia are on a camel.  They were smiling at the camera.

Olivia: Kelsey is talking in one of those things that sound travels through and the other person can hear you far away.

Kelsey: Olivia was the checkout lady while I (Kelsey) was shopping.

Olivia: Connor and Kelsey are buying bread.

Kelsey: Connor was a fire-fighter man, but he didn't want anything on.  It didn't fit him.  So he took it off.

Olivia: Our first snow-mobile ride.

Kelsey: I was pushing the button.  It made it rain the city right there.

Olivia: This is a small cabin in the "Snowville" exhibit.  I am drinking chocolate milk.

Kelsey: Connor was looking in the oven.  He was cooking things to make stuff.

And there you have it, folks... their day at EdVenture with Aunt Beth!


Alyssa said...

It looks like they had a blast! This place reminds me of a place I went to as a kid when we lived in Oregon. I think the name of the museum was OMSI, and it had a lot of the same things that are in these pictures. I remember loving it! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this place!