Sunday, March 28, 2010


It would appear that I have gotten out of the habit of blogging.  Oh no!  What shall I do?  Start again, of course.

It's been a bit of an adjustment trying to get back into the swing of things back at home.  Cleaning routines, blogging routines, school routines and cooking routines all went haywire while we were traveling.  Add that to the fact that I'm tired more than usual, and well... things just aren't getting done the way they should be.  So I'm reverting to a formal "schedule" for the next week to see if that helps things.

As I have considered what things should be part of my life, I realized just what a great habit this blog is.  And just for fun, here is another "Top 10" list for you.

(And by the way, aren't the daffodils lovely?  This is what welcomed me home...)

Top 10 Reasons Anita Loves to Blog!
  1. My kids think they are famous.
  2. "Family blog" doesn't sounds as nerdy as "family journal".
  3. People actually get to see the pictures taken by my digital camera.
  4. It gives me a chance to stop and see the humor in our lives.
  5. We work harder to make good memories so we have something to blog about.
  6. It's easier to keep up with people half-way across the country.
  7. Blogging is yet another way for me to play on the computer.
  8. I've made new friends (aka "blogging buddies") and gotten to know other people so much better!
  9. I like watching my kids do goofy things and yell, "Mom, take a picture of this for the blog!"
  10. It's just one more way for me to pretend that I'm perfect.

So why do you love to blog?

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