Monday, June 21, 2010

Flooding and Museums

It's later, so it's time to blog about summer week #3.  This is when I feel like my summer actually began, by the way.  We started off the week with such promise!  Record-setting rainfall in Edmond and Oklahoma City, resulting in a cancellation of our dearly-beloved Swim Monday with the families from church and terrible flooding in areas near our home.  Fortunately for us, we live in a level, well-drained neighborhood, so no damage was done here except for an unexpected delay to the start of our softball season.  However, there are many around us who have suffered unexpected and uninsured losses, so we are counting our blessings!  Here's a couple pics from the local newspaper, the Edmond Sun.

Several roadways were blocked with water, and dozens of people had to be rescued in the OKC area throughout the day.

There were a couple of nicer subdivisions in northern Edmond that were flooded.  This is one of them a couple of days after the flooding.  As you can see, there are a lot of people out there helping clean out, cut out, and throw out.  Many homes had water come up several feet on their first floor.

We also took a day to go to the local (and free!) children's museum at the Edmond Historical Society.  We've been before, but my neighbor and her daughter haven't been there since they re-did it a couple of years ago.  The best thing about going with more kids is that I don't have to be the bank-robber who gets arrested and thrown in jail all the time.  Here's a few pics from our outing.

As soon as we got there, Connor found the trains...

...Kelsey found the grocery store...

...and Olivia found the dress-up clothes.

Connor found the jail a few minutes later and was very excited.

Fortunately, Kelsey showed him how to escape.

Our neighbor's daughter, Eva, also found the dress-up clothes.  But no boyish outfit for her - she's ALL GIRL and needed to look the part.  Don't you love the cat she brought along?

Before long, Kelsey was taking a nap in Eva's house.

Soon Kelsey got up to go to her job at the bank...

...which Eva then robbed.  Fortunately, Sheriff Olivia tracked her down.

She hauled the criminal off to jail...

...and threw her behind bars!

Till Kelsey showed her how to escape, too.

Before long, our reformed bank-robber found her heart's desire: tails.  She loves tails!  And she kept wanting to take one or more home with her.  (She actually does have quite a collection of pretend tails at home that she often wears around the house and in the yard.  She's got quite an imagination and loves pretending to be an animal!  However, she's not allowed to wear them to our house because Trixie loves them, too.)

There were so many to choose from, but alas - not for keeping.

Connor was in heaven once he found the markers.  No crayons for this boy - he likes things he can take apart, and a marker and it's cap are just the thing!

Connor has also started to make-believe that he is eating or drinking from time to time.  I suspect it stems from some of the books we've read together.  Anyway, he found this tin pitcher among the household supplies and pretended he was drinking out of it.  He is so stinkin' adorable!

It was a great way to spend a hot, muggy summer morning!

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