Friday, January 21, 2011

A Few Funnies

What a crazy couple of months it has been around here.  I think I've got my act together and then I seem to fall apart all over again!  However, we have had a few smiles and laughs around here.  And I even got some on camera:

Back in December we helped out with a Christmas party with some other homeschool kids.  I insisted on snapping a picture that Kelsey did not want taken.  She made sure I knew it by her expression.

And speaking of Kelsey's facial expressions...

My kids love to climb the statues at the zoo.  I think most kids do.  The only rule I have is that you have to be able to climb it on your own - I'm not helping.  There's this one huge gorilla statue that sometimes takes a little work on Olivia's part.

One morning Kelsey and Connor decided to have some fun with a Huggies box.  Connor would hide inside and Kelsey would shut him up in the box.

Kelsey tried to fit in, too.

She got stuck.

Trixie has found a new favorite place to sit.

And Connor has been sleeping all over the place.
And I do mean ALL over the place.

Happy January, everyone!

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