Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Do!

Connor has started volunteering for everything.  It usually goes something like this:

Mom: Who wants to say the prayer?
Connor: I do!

Mom: Who wants a sandwich for lunch?
Connor: I do!

Mom: Who wants to let in Trixie?
Connor: I do!

So, like any parent would do, I've started having fun with it.

Mom: Who wants to eat dragon boogers?
Connor: I do!

Mom: Who wants to lick my shoe?
Connor: I do!

In fact, I have assumed that he doesn't really ever know what he's volunteering for.  So tonight, I said, "Who wants to spank Mommy's bum?"  Connor of course yelled out, "I do!"

At the time, Connor was busy with his dad getting ready for bed.  Several minutes later, I felt someone smack my behind.  It was Connor!  Silly boy.  He wasn't REALLY supposed to spank my bum...

Guess I better watch my mouth!


Jack and Erika said...

That is hilarious!

Jamie Kight said...

In my house, Daddy would have encouraged it!

Olive said...

When Niel was that age, his words were, "Me, too." Everything Beth did, "Me, too." That was my nickname for him for awhile.