Monday, March 7, 2011

SC Trip Post #1

I can't believe how hectic this last month has been!  On the bright side, I've been so busy living my life that I haven't had time to blog about it...

On the down side, I could have used a slower pace!

A few weeks ago we went to visit family and friends in SC.  I came home with about 200 pictures on my fancy new camera.  Oh, sure, it's the "family camera", but we all know who gets to play with it the most.

But never fear, I will not overwhelm you with all of our adventures all at once!  We'll take this a little at a time.

We decided to leave on a Thursday afternoon, drive a few hours, and then get up early on Friday morning (like 2am early) and get the rest of the way to SC.  Originally we were going to stay with friends in the Atlanta area on Friday night, but they got hit with the flu.  So we decided to push on and get to SC a half of a day early.  Because we were going to be traveling all day on Friday, we tried to take an easy pace when the kids were awake.  This included stopping off at a city park in Moody, Alabama for a picnic lunch and playground time on Friday afternoon.  (Thanks, Amber K. for hooking us up with directions!!)

Maddox got to ride in his first swing, which he loved!  (And no, he doesn't have a Mohawk.  I'm not sure why it looks like he has one in this picture.)

Kelsey and Olivia really loved the rock climbing wall.

And Connor loved the slide.

It was actually the slowest..... slide..... ever.....

Before we left the park and got back on the road, we had to to throw away the most annoying toy ever
When Santa gave Maddox this toy in his stocking, I'll bet he didn't know it made noise.  But make noise, it does.  It croaks like a frog every time someone moves it the slightest bit.  That includes every time you hit a bump driving down the interstate... or a bridge... or a rough patch.  We stuck it in the glove compartment hoping it keep it from making so much noise, but it actually bounced around even worse in there!  So we just pitched it in the trash.  There are some things your nerves can NOT handle when making an 1,100 mile road trip with 4 kids.

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