Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SC Trip Post #3

On Monday and Tuesday, we hung out as much as we could with Noni, Aunt Janice, and my sister Dorothy and her family.  On Monday the girls and I shopped a little with Aunt Janice and Noni, then met Dorothy and her family at Finlay park for some play time.

The kids climbing the wall - even Connor had to get in on the action!

More on the wall.  Isn't Tristian just too cool for words?

Dorothy with her dog, Buttercup.  (Inconceivable!)

The kiddos having fun on the bike rack.

After a long day playing outside on Monday, we decided to hit the EdVenture Children's Museum on Tuesday.  Aunt Janice didn't make it with us, but Noni and Dorothy did!

Connor wasn't quite sure what to make of "Eddie".

Wouldn't you be a little frightened of a kid 100,000 times your size??

The girls had a blast, though!  One of the cool things about Eddie is that he's 3 stories tall and you can climb around inside him and see all his organs and stuff.  The girls are hanging out in his brain in this picture.  Kelsey looks like she's thinking hard about something!

Connor by Eddie's heart.  Still scared...

Eventually Daddy took him to play somewhere else.

This was a little more his pace.  Shrimp, anyone?

While we were waiting for Dorothy and her kiddos to get there, Kelsey and Olivia decided to play a giant game of checkers!  I can't remember who won - I think they finally called it a draw...

Dorothy and crew finally got there, but Gwendolyn didn't look too happy.

Tristian had to take his turn climbing around inside Eddie!

Dorothy and Olivia sat down to chill on this bench.  Olivia looked like she was wearing a hat, and Dorothy was feeling kind of warm. Fortunately, Noni was prepared.  She simply took her fan out of her purse and handed it over.  I tell you, these southern women have the right idea!  (Especially the post-menopausal ones...)

We saw some special visitors, but I think the adults were more excited than the kids!

And Connor loved anything he could get behind the wheel of.  The tractor, the car... but not the fire engine.  It was too dark in the cab.

Maddox got to show off some more of his cuteness.

And Connor went shopping at Piggly Wiggly (aka "The Pig")!

I couldn't get this girl to give me a serious smile all day!

Gwendolyn was NOT happy when Connor starting trying to elbow in at her register.

And there was once this giant grocer... (I finally saw the commercial, Dorothy!)

Before leaving the museum we headed outside to the "water works" area.  Tristian and Olivia made it rain, and Tristian pretended to be freezing.

Gwendolyn loved it, too!

Connor just liked messing with the boats.

But Kelsey couldn't figure out how to get this dumb thing to work, no matter how hard she tried!

And tried.

And tried.

And tried some more.  Sorry, babe!

I think a fun time was had by all.

And I do mean ALL.

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