Monday, March 7, 2011

SC Trip Post #2

Our first full day in SC was spent in family reunions.  We went up to Ben's grandmother's house in Lancaster and had a fabulous lunch with much of Ben's extended family.  Grandma Gin even made chicken and dumplings - the southern kind.  Ben was in heaven, and we all had a great time visiting.  For some reason, I didn't snap too many pictures of that event, but I did get this sweet one of Noni with her newest Grandson!

Later that evening we also had a get-together with Anita's side of the family.  Since Anita's sister Dorothy came down for a visit from NY at the same time, all 4 "Crews girls" were together.  That's dangerous, I tell you!

Dorothy & Beth

Adorable Trent, Savannah's son (Beth's grandson)

Gwen, Tristian (Dorothy's son) and Ben

Gwen, Maddox, and Richard

More of Maddox, because he's so darn cute!

Kelly & Beth - and wonder of wonders they are BOTH smiling!


Gwendolyn, Tristian, and Olivia

More Gwendolyn cuteness!

The general chaos outside, including Travis, Savannah, Gwen, and Ben.  And I'm pretty sure standing behind them are Richard, Bobbi, and Dorothy, but there's not much to see!

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