Thursday, June 23, 2011

Operation CrazyWoman: Day 4

I have to laugh.  When I went back through my pictures for today, they were all of the kids either eating or watching TV.  That explains a lot, actually.

We didn't have anything new planned for today because I was doing a fruit co-op with my neighbor.  That's where everyone puts in $10 and we go buy the fruit in bulk and then split it equally into shares for everyone.  The actual sorting didn't take that much time, but then I had 20 bags of fruit sitting on my dining room table and 2-3 hours that I had to be available for people to come by and pick up their fruit.  Just by adding this one thing, the stress levels of everyone in the house went up measurably.  There was actually sibling bickering where there hadn't been any before.  I think I have learned something very important.  Granted, part of it might be that the "honeymoon" phase of this visit is over and I'm going on a little sleep deprivation with 2 babies in the house, but I don't really think that was it...

Speaking of sleep deprivation, last night was another rough one.  Between Maddox and Simon I didn't get much sleep from 3-5am.  On the bright side, though, I'm "learning" Simon, and one of the things I have learned is that if he started to fuss, he can and will put himself back to sleep if he isn't soaked with pee.  I'm looking forward to tonight being a better night.  I have to say, though, that sweet boy has one saving grace: he goes down like a dream.  Whether it's nap time or bed time, 95% of the time he goes down with little or no fuss and is asleep within minutes.  I love it!

So, on to our pictures for today.  Despite my apparently lack of variety in our activities, the kids DID go swimming (twice!) and the older kids went for a bike ride this morning before it got too hot.  I just didn't take any pictures.

Before the kids went swimming, they had to gather for a snack.  I went through our fridge and pulled out all the odds and ends and leftovers that we had accumulated over the last few days and gave the kids the choice.  I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but Kelsey and Connor are both eating leftover hot dogs for their snack.

I can't tell if Wesley is eating an apple or smoking a cigar...?

Simon insists on eating his yogurt by himself, at the table, sans bib.  I should probably just start stripping him down BEFORE giving him the spoon.  He's such a Mr. Independent sometimes!

With over half the shares picked up, this is what my kitchen table still looked like.  A cantaloupe and a plastic grocery bag full of oranges, plums, peaches, and bananas for $10.  Pretty good deal, right?

However, while I was doing co-op stuff, the kids were vegging with popcorn in front of the boob tube.

Though Mallie is always good for a picture.

What could they be watching with such interest?

Something even the youngest ones were entertained by...

... and even the most active of kids couldn't pull themselves away from?

This classic cartoon!  Da-duh, da-duh, da-duh da-duh da-duh, da-duh, da-duuuuuuuuuh, da-da-duh.

Then our dinner tonight was Ci-Ci's Pizza!  I knew with my busy afternoon there was no way I was cooking.  So instead of having a "Movie Pizza Night" tomorrow night on Friday, we're going to have a "Movie Spaghetti Night" instead.  As long as I make cookies they'll consider it a fair trade.

 "Hey, Mom, is there anything on my lip?"  (Something tells me she just wanted a picture of herself with pizza sauce on her face...)

Tomorrow we're off to the Children's Museum in the morning for some dress up and indoor (air conditioned) fun!  I can't wait!

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Oh, I'm loving this! I've been anxiously awaiting your post all day. Tomorrow's is going to be great - I just know it!

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