Friday, June 24, 2011

Operation CrazyWoman: Day 5

Well, it's official.  Today was a mess.  Not as in what-a-terrible-day kind of mess.  It was literally a mess.

It all started at lunchtime.  I decided to make some Kool-aid as a treat for the kids.  One of the children here (who shall remain nameless per his/her request) was trying to pour Kool-aid into cups from the pitcher.  This person didn't realize that I had CLOSED the pitcher, so he/she kept tilting it higher and higher trying to get the Kool-aid to pour out.  Eventually, the pressure built up enough on the lid that the whole thing popped off and several cups of Blue Raspberry Lemonade splashed all over the kitchen counters, cabinets, and floor.  If I had thought about it soon enough I would have taken a picture of the actual spillage, but I didn't think about it until I had sopped up most of the mess.  These blue paper towels were the only proof I had when I took the pictures.  Well, that and the annoying stickiness to my kitchen floor that will take a couple of days and several moppings to get rid of.  But how do you stick THAT in a blog?

The second mess we had was after nap time.  Sadly, this one happens more often than I care to admit.  Connor got up and I didn't change his diaper soon enough... he squished out urine all over the loveseat... etc. etc. etc...

The third mess was also Connor's doing.  We were eating a snack, and he dropped a full container of yogurt.  It fell standing up onto the carpet, but left a line of yogurt three feet long.  How is that even possible??  Don't believe me?  Here's the proof:

Somehow he also a big glob of it on the underside of the table, and I have a sneaky suspicion that I ended up with some of it in my hair after I was done cleaning it up.  And yes, I have been out in public since.

As for the rest of our day, it was pretty good.  However, I must admit that I am exhausted.  As in if-I-sit-down-I'm-going-to-fall-asleep exhausted.  Simon slept through the night last night (yay!) but Maddox and Connor didn't get the memo.  Normally Connor's really stealthy about slipping into our bed in the middle of the night, but I had actually nursed Maddox back to sleep at one point and fallen asleep with him in the bed with us.  That meant when Connor snuck into our bed and laid down between me and Ben, he laid down on top of Maddox.  Oops.

We decided that this morning would be a good time to go visit the Children's Learning Center at the Historical Society here in Edmond.  Normally this is a great place to go, and being indoors and free are added bonuses.  Apparently, there's a lot of other moms that think so, too.  At least during summer vacation anyway.  I called my neighbor and friend, Terri, to see if she and her daughter would like to join us.  They were in, so off we went around 10am.  It was a bit crowded for my taste, but the kids seemed to have a good time, regardless.

We let the kids play for a few minutes outside at the park before going in since it was not as hot as it would be later.

Wesley was the first to discover the wooden teepee.  Awesome addition!  The last one was a lot smaller and made of fabric - not nearly as sturdy or roomy.

They have period costumes available for the kids to dress up in, and after much begging and pleading on my part (well, I did have to say "please") Nan agreed to put on a hat and boots and take a picture.  She's normally way too cool for this sort of thing.

Most of my time was spend sitting by this little garden area where the kids can plant the veggies.  The little kids LOVE this thing.

 The older kids seem to like it, too.

Simon had a blast taking out the potatoes and putting them back again.

Until Maddox tried to steal his basket.  Those two...

Eventually Maddox just took over the garden spot.

Do you see this turnip he's holding?

See what he can do with it??

 Need a closer view?  That boy has a HUGE mouth.  And everything goes in it these days!

 While the babies were fighting over the garden spot, the rest of the kids were making themselves at home in the tee pee.

 When it was time to go, Mallie was very, very sad.  Mostly because she wasn't allowed to ride the horse statue and I wouldn't buy her a gum ball.

On the way out we passed a checkers game set up that the kiddos really wanted to try.

Nan really thought hard about her moves.

After our messy afternoon at home, I needed to make a run to Aldi's before dinner.  I took the older kids and Connor with me while Ben held down the fort at home.

 They wanted to pose in the candy section.  Stinkers.  And no, I didn't buy those M&M's.  Nice try, Kelsey!

 And finally, after a fun-filled day and fabulous spaghetti dinner, we cleanup up the living room, vacuumed, and got comfy for a movie night watching Kung Fu Panda.

That's 5 days down and 6 more to go.  What am I looking forward to the most about tomorrow?  A nap!


Terri said...

I asked Kelsey and Wesley how they liked everyone being at your house. They said it was like a 2-week long PARTY! (complete with their throwing their arms up in the air to emphasize the "party" part). You're doing great! You still haven't pulled out your hair, and all of the kids are still accounted for! :-)

Julie in the studio said...

OH, thank you, thank you, thank you*****
It looks like you have been as busy and sleep deprived as we have been. I cannot tell you how happy i am that you are doing this blog. I was a little weepy and homesick for my children today, having a dream that Simon drowned last night did not help at all- though Niel did remind me that anita would be the most qualified person of all to be there for a situation such as that----
anyway, this is the first time I have had to sit down at a computer that worked well enough to view your blog. anita, I love you and i pray for you and your children and my children every day.

We are having

Julie in the studio said...

the greatest time here in Huanuco, and have been showing the children´s pictures and videos to EVERYONE! They all say how beautiful.
Things here are very different. We eat breakfast at 8am, lunch at 2pm, and dinner between 9pm and midnight. at first I thought it was just the schedule of getting here and the business of the day, but it has been a consistant thing that I have gotten used to now. We take little moto taxis everywhere and today we went up into the country to find a man Niel helped on his mission. Nan, I cuddled with a puppy today just for you and we renamed him Pal, just for you. (his name was burrito) we took pictures but will have to wait to show them to you. Petting that puppy was a big deal because you cannot touch the animals here. They are so dirty and sort-of wild, and they eat all kinds of poop so you don{t want them to touch you. But the puppy was clean and I had permission from Niel. :)
On another note of animals today I ate a guinea pig. It had the taste of chicken livers, but not the texture, which is good because I do not like the texture of chicken livers. All the food here has been RECONTURA RICO.

Julie in the studio said...

....That means very very good. I especially like the breakfasts. They are very simple and tasty: bread with caramel, very runny oatmeal, which sounds nasty but is not. Eggs with chopped up hot dogs. AND DRINKABLE YOUGURT!!! RICO!!
On my birthday I was suprised with a party at the friends of the people we are staying with. We ate pachamanca (which is roasted meats and potatoes) and then played funny games which we made up with about 50 glow-in-the-dark bracelets that Niel and I brought from home. They had never seen anything like it and one little boy wants me to bring him more to the church tomorrow. Good thing I saved one package aside.
And speaking of church tomorrow, Niel has been asked to give a talk and We are singing a special number with the bishops wife in sacrament meeting. WOW.
Monday we are going to a historic hacienda and will not have internet for a while. I may not be able to post agin until Thursday.
Wesley, I saw a man in town today holding a kite and I thought of you, though I have no idea where he thought he might fly it today with no wind.
I have loved looking at all the photos and videos of you Nan, wesley, mallie and Simon. I love you all and I really cannot wait to see you again. Continue to be good to each other, and Nan, Wesley and Mallie, please give your Aunt Anita some love medicine today and in the next few days. She needs it. Ok? We will all be at church at the same time tomorrow, so we will be near each other. I will be thinking of you and sending you all of my love by worshiping my Savior with you.
Buenos noches. Good night.