Friday, August 5, 2011

Table Talk

I am a firm believer in family dinner.  Most evenings around 6pm you will find our family sitting down together at the table.  We have some of our best conversations there.

For example.

Today I accidentally burned Kelsey while we were baking.  During dinner she started talking about getting an air bubble on her hand.

Mom: "A what?"

Kelsey: "An air bubble."

Mom: "Oh!  You mean a blister."

Kelsey: "No, an air bubble.  Like you get when you touch something hot.  There's air in there."

Olivia: "Kelsey, it's not just air in there.  One time I was licking this thing on my hand and I didn't know it was a blister and something came out.  It tasted salty and Mom told me it was pus in there."

Mom: "No, it's not pus - not unless there's an infection.  It's just a fluid."

Olivia: "What's it made of?"

Mom: "Oh, probably mostly water and salt."

Olivia: "Yes, there's definitely salt.  I tasted it."

Mom: "Yes, you did."

Olivia: "Well, it's not like I did it on purpose."

And then Connor (who had remained completely silent and appeared uninterested in this entire conversation) came out with his two cents without missing a beat.

"Yes, you did."


*Jess* said...

it seems like everyone has an opinion around there :)

A. said...

What a little character! He sounds so funny.