Friday, September 16, 2011

What's That?

I'm going to deviate a little from my usual story-telling format when we have a family outing.  In fact, I just have to start with the funniest picture of the day:

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, they aren't kidding.  Do you notice Connor trying to look around the guy standing in front of him to see the horse doing "his business"?  He was so amazed!

We didn't start out with the intention of seeing horses at all that day.  In fact, we were just going to the Stone Tool Expo at Lake Thunderbird with our neighbors for an impromptu field trip.  There isn't aren't any horses there, right?

Actually, the stables were across the street.  I think we spent almost as much time there as we did looking at the rest of the stones and tools put together.  However, our last stop at the expo was a potter's booth and she brought clay for the kids to make things with.  So, rather than giving you a play-by-play (because let's face it, I'm tired and I've done a lot of blogging tonight!)... here are a few other pictures I really liked:

Kids hanging out in the teepee - who wouldn't like this one?

The building across the street near the stables.  I wonder what's in there?

All animals love Olivia.  The feeling is mutual.

Try as I might, I couldn't get Kelsey to actually look at the camera. 

See what I mean?
But here is the pinch-pot that she made and decorated.

And Olivia's:

And Connor's... car?  Dinosaur?  I don't remember which this was:

Oh, wait!  It was a dinosaur.  Here he is putting in the tail:

Maddox spent most of the day just looking cute and getting a little sunburned.

And this is probably my favorite picture of Olivia for the day.  This girl is serious about her art, I tell you.

And for good measure, I'll put in one more picture of the kids visiting the horses.

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